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Here you can find all the questions regarding the Coronavirus and how we deal with it.

Which measures have been taken regarding the Coronavirus?

  • Contactless check-in
    • The key will be ready for you, we inform you beforehand where you can find it. Information regarding the surroundings and facilities can be found in the envelop on your table. We also have our own app called Gastfreund which contains a lot of helpful information. The deposit is the only thing where contact could be necessary but we have taken measurements in the reception too. We kindly request you to pay the deposit by pin or creditcard. 
  • Contactless check-out
    • We want to check your chalet before you leave but we will come by on moments you are not there to avoid contact. We will discuss this with you and agree on a time together.

Which conditions apply?

  • The government is always looking at a possible adjustment of the measures, we offer the option for summer 2021 to pay the remaining 70% of your holiday up to 7 days before arrival. We always ask you to pay the 30% deposit when making your reservation (up to 5 days).
  • For winter 2021/2022 we offer the option to pay the remaining 70% of your holiday up to 4 weeks before arrival. We always ask you to pay the 30% deposit when making your reservation (up to 5 days).
  • As the situation around Corona is very restrictive for us, we offer our guests a free cancellation from 2 weeks before arrival if Austria is switched to Dark Red and arrival is not possible. If the country of origin has issued a negative travel advice, this arrangement shall also apply.
  • Our terms and conditions apply. If it turns out that due to Covid - 19 there are still entry and exit restrictions from the country where you come from, have to pass through or here in Austria, we can rebook your holiday to a later time in the season or to the same season in the following year. , based on availability. Of course, this also applies if we unexpectedly have to close again.

Current topics

We have gathered a list of questions regarding current topics here. 

Do you have any offers?

  • We regularly offer good promotions for holidays with us. Check our website or on our social media channels. You can always send us a message on WhatsApp (+4366488696950) or via email (

What is the weather like in Carinthia?

  • We enjoy 100 more hours of sunshine per year here and we love it. Summers are warm and nice while winters are cold, which is perfect because we have snow (almost) every year which is great for skiing and snowboarding!


Here you will find all questions regarding bookings, from planning your holiday and requesting to final confirmation and payment terms.

Are pets allowed?

  • No, pets are not allowed at our parks.

Can I change my booking?

  • We'd love to check for you what the possibilities are, email us at and we will let you know!

How long will an option remain?

  • We keep an option on your holidays for 3 days to give you time to think about it. If we hear nothing from you, it will expire. If you let us know that this option is approved, we will send you a booking confirmation and the anticipation for the holiday can begin.

I have booked through the website, but have not received confirmation yet, what now?

  • As soon as we have received the booking, we will finalize the reservation within a few days and send the confirmation to you by email. If you have not heard anything after 3 working days, please contact us via

When do I have to pay for my vacation?

  • When you receive the confirmation, the payment terms will also be included. We ask if you can pay the first 40% of the total amount within 1 week after receipt of the confirmation and the remaining amount must be paid 6 weeks before the start of the holiday.

Will I receive a payment confirmation?

  • If you have paid, it can be assumed that it has arrived. You will not receive any additional confirmation of this. If we find out the payment has not been made on time, we will contact you directly.

Can I cancel my vacation?

  • This is possible, check the conditions that apply when making the reservation.

Which extras can I add, when and how can I change them?

  • Yes, you can certainly book extras to make the holiday that little bit better. In the summer, you can have a BBQ for €20.00 per stay (excluding cleaning costs), for €10.00 you can request an extra towel change and a baby set (baby chair and baby bed) costs only €12 50 per stay. These can be booked up to the day of arrival (based on availability) and paid on location. If you want to change the extras in an existing booking, please email

What is the maximum occupancy?

  • We have chalets for 4 and 6 persons available in Rattendorf. In Jenig there are only chalets for 6 people. There is the possibility to add one extra bed at an additional cost of € 125.00 per stay.

Arrival and departure

If you have any questions about your arrival and departure, you can check out the questions here.

What are the arrival and departure days?

  • We are flexible and like to help you out. Our changeover days are often on Saturday but understand that this is not ideal for everyone. So please ask for the possibilities by email to

What are the times for check-in and check-out?

  • You can check in from 16:00 to 19:00, if you arrive outside these times, let us know and we will discuss the possibilities together.
  • Check-out takes place in the morning between 07:30 and 10:00.

What about the final cleaning?

  • With every reservation a cleaning fee of € 95.00 per chalet is charged. No additional cleaning costs will be charged if after the final inspection it appears that the chalet has been left clean.
  • We do ask you if you want to leave the chalet broom clean and deposit the waste in the appropriate bins.

What do I do with the used sheets and towels?

  • We ask if you would take the sheets off the beds and put them on a pile in the chalet together with the used towels.


Here you will find all questions regarding accommodation; from what it looks like to what is available in the chalets.

What do the chalets look like?

  • All our chalets in Jenig and Rattendorf are semi-detached. This means that your chalet shares one roof with another. There is no direct connection, however the gardens are adjacent, making contact easy.
  • There is 1 ground floor bungalow in Rattendorf.
  • The layout of the chalets can differ, but comfort and modern luxury are of paramount importance everywhere.

Can I park my car at the chalet?

  • Yes, of course, each chalet has a parking space with space for 2 cars.

Can I smoke in the chalets?

  • Nassfeld Holiday Parcs only has non-smoking parks, which means that smoking is not allowed in the chalets. Outside you can smoke, but we ask if you want to take into account the neighbors and others at the park.

Is there a coffeemachine?

  • Of course! We also like a nice cup of coffee and have placed a Nespresso machine in every chalet. You will also find a number of capsules that we offer for free. If you want to buy extra capsules, they are available in the supermarket.

How do the oven and dishwasher work?

  • All manuals can be found in the Gastfreund app. If you still can't figure it out, you can always call us or send us a WhatsApp or just drop by the reception, we will be happy to look with you.

Is there bed linen available?

  • Yes, the beds are all made and ready for you when you arrive. This allows you to rest immediately and recover from the (long) drive you have made.

Are towels also provided?

  • Yes. Each bed has 2 towels, 1 small and 1 large. For an additional cost of € 10.00 we exchange all towels in the chalet if you need it.

I broke something, what now?

  • We understand that this can happen to anyone. If something is broken, we kindly ask you to report this to us at the reception or via the Gastfreund app.

What do I do if something doesn't work?

  • We can be found in the reception every day from 08:00 to 10:00 and from 16:00 to 19:00, we are also available by phone at +43 66488696950 or via our email

Op het parks

Here you will find all questions regarding our parks and what exactly can be found.

How can I pay at the park?

  • At the park you can pay with both debit card and cash. The deposit of € 250.00 can also be paid via pin, cash or credit card.

Is there Wifi at the park?

  • Wifi is available in every chalet. You can find the passwords in the chalet itself. There is also WiFi available in the 'Wohnzimmer'.

Is there a shop in the park?

  • Yes, we have our own supermarket in Rattendorf. Here you can find a number of things such as oil, salt, eggs, milk but also Nespresso capsules.

Are there washing facilities at the park?

  • At our Parc Rattendorf we're having wasmachines available.

What should I do with my garbage?

  • We ask you to separate the garbage into plastic, paper, glass and residual waste. These can be taken to the trash section at the back of the reception in Rattendorf and in Jenig next to the ski depot.


Here are listed some questions about the activities in the surroundings.

What activities are there to do in the area?

  • Depending on the season, there are different activities to do.
  • In winter there is ample skiing and snowboarding for both beginners and advanced. In addition, other snow-related activities are possible.
  • In the summer there are many options for hiking, cycling, climbing or rafting. Please ask for all options at our reception. We are happy to tell you more. If you want to know more now, please ask us via

Can I rent bicycles somewhere?

  • We recommend renting bicycles at Sölle, we have excellent experiences with them. There are several options, so you can rent bikes for a half or full day and even choose an E-bike.

Is horse riding possible nearby?

  • Yes, this is certainly possible. You will find plenty of options about a 15-minute drive from our parks. Contact us and we can help you make an appointment.

Where can I do my shopping?

  • Groceries can be done closest in Hermagor (10 minutes drive) or Kirchbach (15 minutes drive).


Here you will find questions regarding prices.

What are the prices and how are they put together?

  • You can find the prices in the price overview on the top of the website. It will also state what is included and excluded in the price. 

What is included in the price?

  • All accommodation costs are included, i.e. the costs for the stay, such as bed linen. The prices must state whether the cleaning costs are inclusive or exclusive.

What are the additional costs?

  • Additional costs consist of the tourist tax that we pay to the local government. In the summer this is € 1.80 p.p.p.n for everyone over 17 years and in the winter € 2.70 p.p.p.n ..
  • In addition, costs may be added if, for example, our breadroll service or catering establishments are used.


Questions about other topics can be found here.

Do you rent to larger groups?

  • We offer chalets for 4 to 6 people. If you come with several families or groups, we suggest that you rent several chalets. We do our best to ensure that they are close to each other, but this is always based on availability.

Are your parks child-friendly?

  • Absolutely. We welcome families with open arms. In each park there is also a playground where children can have fun. In addition, there is also a children's area in our 'Wohnzimmer' where they can play while you enjoy a snack and a drink.

I have another question

  • We are happy to help answer all your questions. Please contact us via or by phone at +43 664 88696950.